Primer Stories
My creative partner Tim Lillis and myself had an idea in 2013: to make a place on the web that we wished existed. A website with thoughtful, intellectual stories that were heavily illustrated, a combination of art magazine, comics,. storyboards, dataviz, and animation a combination of Colors Magazine, the MIT Technology Review, and a web comic. There seemed to be a gap in which a site dedicate to strictly visual learning could thrive. Primer Stories web magazine was born.
The creation of not only a media brand but the underlying, heavily designed content beneath it was a task of herculean proportions. Both Tim and I spent many late nights crafting our internal and external communications, reaching out to writers, sketching what this odd odea was and how it should look, feel and act. In fact, the only thing that was not a challenge was the actual pencil-to-paper work; as difficult as it was, we loved every minute of it.
You can check out the entire archive site of our work at
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