Mr.Milk & French Fry
Making comics used to be something I did a lot more of, but like most of my interests, it wax and waned as my interests strayed to interactive storytelling, animation, product work, and other stuff. Something about the pandemic released a pent up desire in me to tell stories on paper again, though. This represents my storynotes, sketches, and final pitch work for a YA combo graphic novel and prose piece called Mr Milk and French Fry.

This is my first book project in a long time, over 10 years. It's with several agents and publishers right now: I'll update this page if and when anything happens with it. 🤷
I usually go straight to Procreate on my Ipad Pro, but I was so unsure stylistically about this project, I started out old school, and did pencil with vellum overlay. This had an additional forcing mechanism of making me slow down and take my time. My usual process involves far more impatience and less planning than I probably should employ: I took some of my wife's sage advice and actually try to do this project at my own pace, not the pace of some imaginary timeline.
The setting and themes of the novel were taken pretty directly from a combination of Wallace & Gromit, Corto Maltese, and Tintin: the cats live on an unnamed bustling port island in an indeterminate era, and their adventures range from busting up a animal smuggling ring to a trip to the Artic Circle.
I'm confident this will be picked up by someone, I just don't know who yet. If you know someone who might be interested, let me know.

And if you're a student or someone just starting out and you'd like me to send you the full pitch, just to see what a book pitch looks like, I'm happy to send you that on.
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