Get Physical
While I reside firmly in the arts, my work has always been influenced by technology and the natural sciences. When I was a kid, I often vacillated between being into the arts and being into the natural world. It was really during my final year of high school I decided to commit to the arts: regardless, I still took advance level biology. Thus, when I got contacted by the Institute of Physics out of the UK, with the request of helping them make posters to help get kids interested in Physics, I was all in.
The client had very little requirements: they just wanted kids to be interested to be interested in Physics. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to explore my long-standing obsession with bringing print into the real world with unique printing techniques, and papercraft, exploring things like anamorphic optical effects and the hidden forces surrounding us.
After several fun rounds, we settled on three posters that utilized specialized printing techniques to inspect three fundamental physical truths: glow-in-the-dark phosperence, UV-trigger black light ink, and heat-activated thermal ink, to explore the distance between the Earth and the moon, magnetic laylines, and influence of physics in every day life.
The finals turned out beautifully, the paper stock thick enough to remind one of the old broadsheet movie posters from 100 years ago.
The posters sold out quite quickly, and cursory examination of the IOP website doesn't reveal any results, sadly. Hold on to yours, if you have one!
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