A Breakthrough in Field Studies
I'm very lucky to friends not only with other designers and visual artists, but with sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, and musicians. Some of my closest musician friends have been making music in various forms for a long time; when they contacted me with an opportunity to turn their physical release in something that had value in the meatspace, I was excited by the opportunity.
I originally conceived of a paper cut-out concept: I had started to work heavily in esoteric printing techniques, espeically after our long discovery period with However, when I showed another tossed-off concept around a 3D printing technique, the band lost their mind. I knew it was a winning concept.
I experimented with several different designs before settling on trying to make the wave pattern 3D. I found a few different frameworks before I found one that worked: two main color overlays of red and blue, with two reduced complimentary "ghost" overlays that helped carry the depth of weight.

The band liked it so much that we reversed the pattern on the inside and on the CD. The finishing touch was shipping the CD with 3D glasses.
You can view the brand and it's evolving manifestations, as well as all of Molly's amazing creations at www.tablechair.recipe
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