A Table, A Chair
My wife Molly Soudant is an amazing woman, and also an amazing chef. When she finally decided to launch her cooking blog, I was thrilled to be able to participate by helping her create her brand, A Table, Chair. Her vision for the brand was one of a straightforward aesthetic: many bespoke food blogs and associated properties are definitionally feminine, personal, and about the concept of "home". Molly is awesome, and hence, wanted nothing to do with that shit. She wanted a brand that communicated what she views her food to be: art.
The requirement was a mark that was easy to recognize and and could be deployed easily on a WYSIWYG site like Squarespace, and also eventually on books, tote bags, and even apparel. This already distances it from some of the more delicate and floral brands on some larger food blog sites. Early rounds played with one option with a foot still in that space, but others with a decidedly more modernist bent.
Early exploration rounds presented two different stances, with three different executions under each:

Plated explored abstracted representations of tableware.

Type+Water played with an abstracted representation of the natural and mostly-plant based food that Molly specializes in.

Almost immediately, Plated won.
You can view the brand and it's evolving manifestations, as well as all of Molly's amazing creations at www.tablechair.recipe
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