A very near and dear friend, Josh Glenn, of Semiovox fame, started a project in 2012 with Elizabeth Foy Larsen. The project was aimed at making a book and identity aimed at thoughtful kids who were interested in learning, but maybe in things outside of the regular public school curriculum. The book was something that would tackle all the things real kids would want to actualIy learn about, from movie special effects to hiphop. I was certainly such a kid—my primary interests from 8-12 were medieval chivalry and ideal moat engineering—and I was overjoyed when he asked me to be a part of it.

My contributions included not only explainer comics over two books– from The History of MMORPGs to The History of Space Flight– but also the web site and identity, which we made through our side agency, Primer&Co. Big thanks to my Primer partner Tim Lillis, my constant partner in design-crimes, and art director Tony Leone from Leone Design for all his leadership and general art direction on the general Unbored brand: it's bullet-proof.
The creation of content for the books were one thing, and fun as hell– Josh gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted, which is the type of opportunity you get a few times in a career.

The site, and attendant graphica, was a different type of challenge, but also fun: making a landing page for work that is much bigger than a landing page.
Designer-led gifs are different than animation: they don't take you on a journey, or explain a new piece information. They are cognitive well, a vortex of thought that keeps you suspended in that moment, forever.

In a world of constant digital assault, they are a respite.
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